About Us

The Company:

  • A non-profit consulting company in the Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) and Information Technology (IT) Industries.

What we do:

  • Consulting, Contract to Hire, and Perm Placement.
  • We train interns to produce job candidate placement (JCP) leads that are professionally screened and qualified by our network of veterans in the industry to produce high quality job orders and candidate submissions.

Our Partners:

  • IT and HIT Hiring Managers, Business Developers, Recruiters, Consultants, and Interns.

Our Clients:

  • Nationwide – Hospitals installing EMR Systems and preparing for ICD-10.
  • Local (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) – Mid to Large size companies needing Information Technology consulting and full time placement services.

Intern Benefits:

  • You have the opportunity to pay for you college by earning multiple streams of passive and residual income from consulting contract placements.
  • In the permanent placement portion of our business, fees typically range from 20% – 30% of $100k – $150k annual salaries.
  • After company expenses are paid (taxes, insurance, software, utilities, consultant pay rates), all company earnings are split 1/3 to recruiting (find the candidates), 1/3 business developers (find the jobs), and 1/3 to interns. Note our consultants can take the place of a recruiter or business developer earning their share if they produce the client, job, and/or candidate.
  • Interns get paid 1/3 commission if they are part of putting the sale together by lead sourcing the job, client, hiring manager, or candidate. If they are not involved in the transaction, then we will use their 1/3 commission to pay them hourly or appointment setting fees with candidates and hiring managers for recruiters and business developers which may not result in a completed income producing transaction.

Client Benefits:

  • We deliver the best qualified candidates quickly and at fair market value upfront. Your organization receives government tax advantages by working with our non-profit organization that is also 100% owned by a minority female to make our cost the best overall price.
  • You also get the personal satisfaction of meeting with our interns, helping them grow professionally with the goal of enabling them to earn their way through college without incurring debt using governmental or parental financial assistance.

Consultant Benefits:

  • You start by getting paid normal competitive market rates with the choice of benefits or straight hourly rates.
  • Then you are given the opportunity to earn excellent recurring commissions (not small one time referral fees) by either creating new job orders we fill and/or referring candidates our company places.
  • By helping our company expand, you have the opportunity to meet or exceed your client bill rate in income without pricing us out of the market. We pay straight commission for sales and recruiting and those commissions go to responsible parties for completing the sale including interns and consultants at the same fair equal rates.

Business Development Partner Benefits:

  • IT/HIT Business Developers who work with our interns will receive free assistance setting up new client and hiring manager appointments via our intern email and telemarketing campaigns.
  • Our interns also leverage existing relationships by networking with their college alumni, parents, and friend’s parents to get access to client job orders and new business.
  • New job orders that result from this joint effort can be listed at both your company and ours and whoever produces the best candidate at the best price will win the deal with the client.
  • You also have the option of moonlighting job orders with our company that may not compete with your day job.

Recruiting Partner Benefits:

  • IT/HIT Recruiters are constantly being approached by candidates that may be well qualified however their company does not have any open matching job orders to submit these candidates to. If we have an open job order that matches their qualifications, then you can help them while helping yourself to our straight commission fees that are typically higher than yours since we are not paying your salary and benefits.
  • Since your candidates are typically already being submitted by other consulting company job orders, why not also submit your candidates to our job orders increasing your odds of placement per candidate?
  • By helping our interns learn how to source and qualify candidate leads for you, we will share our candidates with you for your submissions that our interns find without charging you fees. You can pay the interns by your existing referral rewards program your company offers if these candidates are placed by you at your firm.

Private Female Minority Company Owner, (Patricia Becerra H.) Benefits:

  • Has intern children going to college that work for the company and are given the opportunity to pay for their own tuition, room, and board while putting meaningful work experience on their resume and learning how to be masters at finding and acquiring employment through our methods of instruction. They should have no issues seeking and finding employment after college.
  • Has a husband working with the company with a 20 year consulting background that can earn direct consulting fees, business development, and recruiting commission income.
  • Is franchising this non-profit business solution package and being sold by a for profit company, contact us if you are interested in owning a franchise. You should have an existing background (or have access to a partner who does) in sales, recruiting, or consulting to be successful in this business.